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There are many ways you can help our organization and our community flourish. Your time, energy, and knowledge is just as valuable as money. For those who are interested in supporting our cause but don’t necessarily have the means to donate we have many ways you can help, both virtually and in person.


Our request is that you are willing to commit, whether it be 3 hours a week or 8 hours a month. Providing us with a consistent schedule of the time you’re willing to commit will help us remain organized and delegate tasks strategically.


We welcome anyone who is interested to be part of our mission. Below you will find a list of ways you could use your skills, talent, and dedication.

Volunteer Oppurtunities

Social Media Management and Supporters

• Post weekly on our social media platforms to inform the community of our
resources, services, events and supports needed.

• Tag and share relevant posts from the page to maximize our reach.

• Facilitate meaningful dialogue on social media that represents the values
of BCP while acting as an educated, engaged and empathetic leader in
the community.

Grant Writing and Sponsorship

• Research grant opportunities and sponsorships that align with the mission
and values of BCP.

• Apply for grants and sponsorships on behalf of BCP.

• Summarize and report on the grant provided, to the grantors or sponsors.

Marketing and Advertising

• Give constructive feedback and innovative suggestions on how we can
spread awareness of BCP via website, media and other means.

• Create digital content such as banners, flyers, and creative slideshows.

• Measure, evaluate and document the level of engagement on BCP
platforms to track progression.

Delivery Driver for Community Resources

• Assist with delivering hot meals on Wednesdays throughout downtown
and North Portland.

• Assist with delivering food, supplies and other resources to community
members in need.

• Attending in person events for help with set up, break down and other

Community Outreach

• Contribute to a strong social media presence.

• Maintain positive, respectful, engaging relationships with community
members, partners, businesses, and other non-profit organizations.

Community Engagement

• Follow up with community members who may have participated in our
projects and initiatives in the past, to assess their needs.

• Follow up with previous participants and support them by informing them
of upcoming events.

• Share surveys and connect community members to other organizations
that provide relative, relevant resources to those in need.

Volunteer Coordinator

• Create, manage, and maintain an updated version of our volunteer

• Help delegate and follow up on tasks given by lead organizers.

• Seeking out and staying in touch with volunteers and potential volunteers.

Event Planner

• Help plan our quarterly events.

• Spread awareness about the events.

• Work with lead organizers, marketing, volunteers, and grant writers to
ensure the success of each event.

Lead Organizer

• Manage, maintain and bring innovation to each initiative.

• Evaluate the effectiveness of each initiative and project.

• Delegate tasks and track the progression of our efforts.

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