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Empowering the Portland Community

Our Story

BCP is a community-based organization that promotes sustainability, self-sufficiency, higher learning & empowerment among Black Communities.

We accomplish our mission through community engagement activities, networking & the sharing of resources.

Our 4 main initiatives are economic developmentwellness & nutritioneducation & empowerment, and civic engagement on a local & federal level.

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Community Empowerment

What we do?

What We Do

The majority of our work is done on a volunteer basis by passionate and dedicated community members that share our vision. Throughout 2020 we have been able to deliver over 1,000 food boxes to under-served communities. Along with the produce, dairy, and dry goods, we have delivered face masks and hand sanitizer.

We have offered virtual fitness classes and online healthy meal prep demonstrations. We have also provided over 100 community members with household items, hygiene, and culturally specific self-care products. For those who aren’t able to drive, we deliver to them, all free of charge.

Connecting the Community

Local Partnerships?

Local Partnerships

In the spirit of “Not recreating the wheel”, it is our desire to continue to partner other black-led organizations, groups and businesses to increase their visibility and bring community members to the resources and services they have to offer.

We’ve work alongside black- led organizations such as Black Food Sovereignty CouncilImagine BlackBlack Educational Achievement MovementThe Melanated SisterhoodCoalition of Black Men and we aim to collaborate with many more in 2021.

Serving the Community

Enhancing Where We Live

Enhancing Where We Live

BCP Team



Co-founder and Executive Director


“I define my legacy by how the power obtained supports and uplifts the people in my life and around me. I define my legacy by the impact the work done has on the community I live in and am surrounded by. My Legacy is a recognizable footprint of leading with Love.”


Community Organizer & Events Lead


“My Legacy is to make a positive impact in people’s lives.  To be an example of change for our Community, and to use my skills and talents to plant seeds in others’ lives.”


Ujamaa Housing Case Manager


“I define my legacy by the values I hold within myself, the love and respect I share with family and friends, and the example I lead for my children. My legacy is also defined through my Hawaiian culture, and I hope to spread the mana’o as each generation before mine has done so proudly.”


Communications Specialist


“I define my legacy by staying a lifetime learner of many things. And being able to relay what I’ve learned to those who are following in my footsteps toward fulfillment. So, they can live a higher quality life and continue the cycle of passing down wisdom to the next generation!”


Rent Well Facilitator


“I believe the main purpose for being on this earth is to love and support one another thoughout the journey. To be able to show love and support to others when I can I feel is my superpower. I want my legacy to be the love and knowlege I am able to share and pass on to my children and community. Showing them how important it is to love and care for one another.”


With your consistent contribution to our organization, we will be able to continue doing this extraordinary work. In the upcoming year we aim to provide; financial literacy workshops, outdoor exploration activities for the youth, civic engagement workshops, hot meal distribution & delivery to the homeless, and culturally specific events such as Kwanzaa & Juneteenth, on a quarterly basis.

What Drives Us


“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”    – Angela Y. Davis