Our 4 initiatives are economic development, wellness & nutrition, education & empowerment, and civic engagement on a local & federal level.

Economic Empowerment

Wellness & Nutrition

Education Through Empowerment

Civic Collaboration


In collaboration with FEED THE MASS.org BCP prepares & delivers over 100 lunch sacks each week to Brothers & Sisters in need as well as our homeless community members throughout Multnomah County. Within each sack are hot meals, a beverage, fruit, hand sanitizer and a small pack of face masks.

It is our desire to continue this initiative throughout 2021. With your consistent support through Patreon or a one-time donation through PayPal, you can help get hungry families the support they need and make this goal more achievable.


In collaboration with the Rockwood CDC, Rosewood Initiative, and REAP Inc, BCP has been able to serve over 1,000 boxes of food to families in need throughout Multnomah County. Within these boxes are fresh produce, dairy products, dry goods & meat, distributed on a weekly basis.

In addition, we have also distributed hand sanitizer, face masks, toiletries, household items and more to families within Southeast Portland. As more supplies become available to us, BCP will continue to support  those in need, especially those with travel limitations.


As a partner, BCP has supported The Black Food Sovereignty Coalition’s (BFSC), virtual cooking workshops over a time span of 5 months. This initiative is called Grandma’s Hands.

Through Grandma’s Hands, we serve as a member of the outreach team, spreading the word, getting families registered, delivering meals, sides, and stipends for those who participate in the workshop.

In the past, BCP has worked alongside Black Futures Farm, building 4×8 food beds, tending to community gardens, plotting, weeding, and harvesting for the benefit of the community. While working with Black Futures Farm, BCP has learned about food disparities, food deserts, the basics of agriculture, and more.

Due to COVID, our work has been negatively impacted but throughout 2021, we are confident that we will pick up where we left off and expand our reach to more families.

Throughout 2021 we aim to partner with BFSC once again, to teach black youth the importance of meal planning & planning 9999-on a budget. We want to help these youth find cost-effective ways to fuel their brains & body and will be a step in the right direction of achieving self-determination. We believe if you give a man a fish he can eat for a day but if you teach a village to fish, the community will thrive like never before!


​If you would like to learn more about the Black food Sovereignty Council or Grandma’s Hands, more information can be found at https://blackfoodnw.org.